About us

Located in Ansião, in the centre of Portugal, Nabancarpets was founded in 2008, to combine the businesses of Cuf Têxteis S.A. and De Poortere & Cuf Associados, in a strategic plan to improve the commercial and financial strengths of these two former companies.

Therefore, Nabancarpets results from the heritage of many decades of history, tradition and expertise from the well known company Cuf Têxteis. Faithful to this legacy, Nabancarpets is constantly improving the quality of its products, innovating to the able to offer diverse solutions for interior design and floor coverings. It is specialized and highly qualified in the manufacturing of prestigious carpets.

The quality of its products as well as its creativity bring it a particular ability to design and produce custom made Axminster carpets.

Thus, it can meet the most demanding requirements of interior designers and decorators by offering them a wide range of carpets, specially engineered for the use in hospitality, leisure and corporate markets or any other public spaces.

As the result of the collaboration between our Laboratory - dedicated to colour research - and our Design Studio - gathering numerous archives - this portfolio offers a variety of designs which proves how much we are experienced. It will also inspire your new projects.

At any time, our team of designers is at your entire disposal to help and guide you in your choices and make sure that we can satisfy them in the shortest lead times.

«Neither the time nor the borders, have placed limits on the real creations.» F. Fellini

Explore our product calalog or try our virtual loom where you can personalize any style with any colours among the references which are available.